Spanesi Americas Distributors Receive Awards And Recognition

2015 Spanesi Americas Distributor of a Year Chad Neal (center) from Paint Works with Timothy Morgan and Cristina Spanesi.

2015 Spanesi Americas Distributor of a Year Chad Neal (center) from Paint Works with Timothy Morgan and Cristina Spanesi.

Spanesi Americas recently famous particular distributors for their 2015 contributions and accomplishments during a distributor sales and training meeting.

Among those famous was Texas distributor Chad Neal of Paint Works in Tyler, Texas.

“We were really happy to commend Chad Neal for his contributions and accomplishments during 2015 to a Spanesi organization,” pronounced Timothy Morgan, handling executive of Spanesi Americas. “Chad and his classification warranted a Spanesi 2015 Top Distributor of a Year endowment for their sales accomplishments. Not usually did Chad acquire a Top Sales award, though he also was famous for tip sales during a second quarter, tip sales during a fourth entertain and many softened distributor from 2014 to 2015.”

In further to these awards, Neal also won a sales competition for Top Sales during a sales duration from Jul 1 to Dec. 31, 2015. As a leader of this sales contest, Neal was awarded a outing to Italy for dual people.

California distributor Tim Williams from Williams Collision Equipment was famous for tip sales during a third quarter. “We are really advantageous to have Tim on a Spanesi team,” pronounced Morgan. “Obtaining a Top Sales endowment during a third entertain is an fulfilment that shows a extensive knowledge that Tim brings to his internal marketplace and Spanesi.

During a meeting, Spanesi also famous Florida distributor Steve Smith of Automotive Collision Equipment – Florida as “Distributor Rookie of a Year” and Great Lakes Sub-Distributor Karl Kirschenman of K2 Consulting Group as “Sub-Distributor Rookie of a Year.”

“Spanesi has continued to grow in both sales and in patron support during 2015. That expansion is not probable though carrying a sales group that includes gifted people like Steve Smith and Karl Kirschenman,” pronounced Morgan. “Not usually did Steve have a good initial year in sales, though he also launched a training core during his Florida trickery and supposing support to several other Spanesi projects during a year.

“During 2015 Karl Kirschenman assimilated a classification as a sub-distributor. In further to training a product line and carrying a good sales period, Karl also supposing most indispensable and valued support to a classification and to a placement network,” he added. “We demeanour brazen to stability to grow both in sales and patron support during 2016. We can usually do that by stability to have a best-of-the-best on a Spanesi team.”

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