Staff of Soufriere Foundation respected during Awards and Recognition Dinner

2a526669-8a2d-4541-9eaf-4b9de9ba2292PRESS RELEASE – It was a celebration dusk with tasty meals, good song and sophisticatedly dressed staff.

On Saturday Dec 12th, 2015, a Soufriere Foundation hold a Christmas Staff Awards and Recognition Dinner underneath a thesis “Celebrating Our Own.”  The eventuality that took place during a Morne Coubaril Estate was to applaud a commitment, dedication, faithfulness and endless tough work of a employees.  

During a event, a series of persons were awarded in several categories: prolonged portion staff, best debate guide, best warden, best auxiliary staff, best accounts clerk, best executive staff, best radio personality, best hostess, best administrator and worker of a year.  In sequence to arrive during an awardee, any departmental administrator was given a charge of nominating their best worker per function.  Thereafter, a 5 member cabinet of comparison managers done a final selection.

“The employees who were famous confirmed a high turn of opening and productivity, showed faithfulness and passion for their work, manifested a eagerness to go over a call of avocation and reflected a certain opinion towards their work all times,” pronounced a Soufriere Foundation’s Projects and Operations Manager, Mr. Dominic Alexander.

Also benefaction during a eventuality was a Parliamentary Representative, Harold Dalsan; Chairman of a Board of Directors, Mr. Methodius Claircin; Chief Executive Officer, Walter Francois, and other members of a residence of directors.  During his presentation, a Chairman remarked, “It is by your tough work that a classification has been means to embark on a many village projects and flagship programs.  And, that while your bid has always been valued, we accept that it has not been sufficient publically recognized.  So this eventuality outlines a turnaround in a tour together.”

According to a organization’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Walter Francois, “The staff awards rite this year, is truly a commencement of staff approval on an annual basis. We will exercise a approval of an worker of a month that will feed into a final preference during a finish of a year.”

Mr. Francois went on to titillate all employees to be perpetually on their ensure since their behaviour, skills and professionalism will be monitored even some-more closely in sequence to name a worker of a month that will support in selecting a worker of a year.

This year’s Employee of a Year endowment went to 88.5 Soufriere FM Station Coordinator, Mr. Lester Cazaubon. Awards were also given to Lennox Perpie, Best Supervisor; Barney Mesmain, Best Tour Guide; Valarie Andrew, Best Auxiliary Staff; Jannalia Lamontagne, Best Radio Personality; Cheryl Mathurin, Best Accounts Staff; Latoya Martial, Best Security Staff; Tamancia Francois, Best Administrative Staff, and Ndela Nicholas, Best Hostess. All awardees were presented with a board and a inexhaustible cheque.

Also famous during a eventuality for 20 or some-more years of use to a classification were Thomas Prospere, Ruthy Victorin, Clevana Nicholas, John Emmanuel, Sirmantha Denys and Pontian Simon.

The Soufriere Foundation is a non-profit association located in Soufriere. Its charge is to commence social, cultural, tellurian resource, tourism and infrastructure growth in a Soufriere area.  The classification that was determined in 1993 generates revenues from a operational sites: a Sulphur Springs Park, Gros Piton Nature Trail, Comfort Center, Soufriere jetties and 88.5 Soufriere FM.


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