The Best Underwear for Working Out, According to an OB-GYN

When we’re removing prepared for a persperate sesh oftentimes a final thing on a minds is what panties we should have on. As prolonged as there’s no panty lines and we’re comfortable, everything’s good right? Wrong.

With so many types, fabrics and styles to select from—not to discuss a choice of going commando—wearing a wrong span can leave we feeling some-more than usually bruise after a workout. To get prepared about all things underwear and practice associated we spoke to Atlanta-based OB-GYN Dr. Tosha Rogers. 

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According to Dr. Rogers, any form of underwear is excusable during a examination solely a thong. Sorry ladies!

“Those are customarily parsimonious fitting, and infrequently sized improperly, heading to attrition and annoy on tip of moisture,” she says. “This horrific multiple can lead to candida (yeast), vaginitis, UTI, monilia (yeast of a skin), chaffing or even lacerations.” Instead she suggests opting for panties with a small some-more coverage like bikinis, hipsters, boyshorts, etc. 

In terms of fabric, string is your friend—or if you’re hardcore gym-goer, opt for underwear done with sports element that underline dampness wicking technology, Rogers says. Save a edging and satin styles for voluptuous time, as they don’t catch dampness or concede your lady pieces to “breathe,” formulating a ideal tact belligerent for bacteria.

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Ultimately no matter that one we select Rogers can’t highlight a significance of changing your underwear immediately after a examination enough.

“Infection, namely yeast, LOVES warm, moist, dim places,” she says. “The longer your genitals sojourn in that environment, a larger a chances of infection. Yeast is not a usually offender. Any vaginitis, as good as skin infections and folliculitis—or a inflammation of hair follicles. The pivotal is to stay purify and dry!” 

Bottom line: Before operative out, switch to underwear with some-more coverage in breathable fabric and don’t hang out in a span we worked out in for extended durations of time. Easy adequate right? To assistance we out we wanted down 5 gentle pairs designed generally for exercise. 

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