The Invisible Woman

“You know, Nancy, if she were in her 20s or 30s, she’d be perfect. We’d have her on, but… she skews too aged for a demographic.”

Welcome to a universe of women over 50. In a youth-oriented business of television, we hardly exist. We humour from what I’ll call a Windex Effect: Media people demeanour right by us. As distant as they’re concerned, we’re not there.

Let me explain. First, a “she” in a above quote is 67-year-old Celest Andrus, a aptness manager and former inhabitant TV gymnastics guru with an implausible figure, pleasing face, and an even some-more pleasing personality. So, she’s not usually easy on a eyes though what she’s touting could utterly literally be lifesaving: Free, mind/body exercises and healthy vital tips usually for baby boomers.


I was told in essence, “Sorry, we don’t wish her on a TV show, she’s too old” — as if “old” were some kind of disease. And we was told that not once, not twice, though a dozen times over a final year.

I work with Celest. I’m a co-creator of Bodyworks for Boomers, and as a therapist, I’m a “mind” partial of a module designed to get boomer women behind in figure and feeling good.

In my past life we was a network news writer and these “no-go’s” – these “Sorry, she’s not for us” came from people we indeed worked with.

I get their common summary shrill and clear. And we get that’s it’s a unwashed small tip in a universe of media: Unless you’re an Oprah vital luminary type, good luck! “Mature” females are persona non grata. Call it shallow, call it bad business, though call it reality.

We’ve all listened a long-time Hollywood lamentation about comparison actresses and a meagre series of roles offering to them. But we had no suspicion regular, comparison women–and I’m not articulate nursing home age– though vibrant older women with engaging ideas and products are lumped into a difficulty of “too aged for us.”

For me this is personal. Not usually since I’m also over 50, though since Celest and we unequivocally do wish to make lives healthier and improved for women a age. The practice videos we yield on a website, ( as we say, are FREE. So is a mental health advice. So are a recipes. That’s since I’ve been perplexing to get Celest on TV – one of those morning shows, for example. But there’s a reason we was told, “If usually she were younger … She’s usually … too aged for us.”

And here it is: Advertisers wish to see their products on programs with immature and colourful guest — not mature, aging women. They wish to “hook” business while they’re young, anticipating they’ll buy their toothpaste or whatever for a rest of their lives. And if advertisers wish youth, that’s what TV producers will give them.

You wish to know how absurd this is: First, a whole garland of people examination those morning TV shows aren’t 22; they’re over 50. Besides, boomers have 3 times a net value of younger adults and outspend them on-line dual to one.

And what about usually plain decency? We have lines on a faces. Our bodies aren’t as prohibited and toned as when we were 22. But don’t we still have personalities, wisdom? Can’t we reason and attract an audience, light adult a screen?

I’m not observant there are no “regular” women over 50 who get on TV to share their story with a audience. But for any success story, you’ll hear dozens like mine.

Let me leave we with this scenario:

Celest was going behind to Detroit for her 50th high propagandize reunion. we did some checking and detected a shred called Fitness Friday on a CBS affiliate’s morning speak show. we looked during past segments and saw local, young instructors touting their businesses while giving a hosts tips on moulding up. Perfect. Or so we thought.

I sent an email to a writer detailing a apparent offered points: Celest is a internal lady who done it big. She’s a former inhabitant TV indication and aerobic star; a stream aptness tutor who’s compelling Bodyworks. And she’s there for her 50th high propagandize reunion. Local lady creates good, right? Showcasing Celest seemed like a no-brainer for …“Fitness Friday.”

I get no response. Not a peep. Not even “we’re not interested.” we call a executive in assign and leave a message. No call back. we leave dual some-more messages and write nonetheless another email. Not a word.

So what can we learn from all of this? In a United States of Entertainment if Celest were a comic book character, she’d be a Invisible Woman. And if you’re over 50, so would you!

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“I consider it gets some-more formidable as we get comparison since you’re confronting a finish and endings are … unbearable. Our lives are fundamentally about confronting that tragedy. And we consider a earlier we face that we’re going to die, a easier it is to conclude a moments in life… When we comprehend that a lives will end, we take reduction for granted. That is what I’ve schooled from loss. The whole thing is a illusory poser so all we can do is conclude any moment.”


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