The figure I'm in: Sean Gallagher, businessman

Sean Gallagher loves desserts — anything with a biscuit bottom with ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Sean Gallagher

Sometimes we have to do things outward your comfort zone. 

So says former Dragon and runner-up in a 2011 presidential choosing Sean Gallagher.

No warn afterwards to see him underneath a griddle for a final part of this year’s array of The Restaurant on TV3.

His army as a luminary cook has given him a new honour for anybody who cooks for a living. 

“It’s an impossibly pressurised job. If we have 50 guest who all wish to be served opposite things during a same time — there’s a genuine vigour to try to prepare all that. 

“If I’m in a grill now and my dish is a bit late, we give them a break.”

Like many of us, Sean, 53, finds a domestic landscape intriguing. 

“What’s unequivocally fascinating is we have a whole multiplicity of opposite interests represented. The citizens is some-more worldly and perfectionist than ever. 

“The downside is this creates hurdles for a standing quo — some-more positively, it’s an event for change.”

Would he re-enter a domestic arena? 

“I’d never contend no about politics. I’ve always been meddlesome in a economy, in youth, in farming affairs. 

“I went for a presidency so as to put my interests and knowledge to work for a country. But for now I’m really focused on my business interest,” he says.

For only brief of dual years, he’s been pushing forward his new business try — Clyde Real Estate, a blurb skill association that’s providing bureau and industrial comforts around Ireland.

“It’s about formulating infrastructure to concede businesses locate, to concede pursuit origination and tolerable communities.”

Married to Trish, a integrate have a two-and-a-half-year-old son, Bobby. 

“Until we have a child, we never realize it’s probable to adore a tellurian being so much.” 

* The final part of The Restaurant, featuring Sean Gallagher, front on Mar 16 during 9pm on TV3.

What figure are we in?

I’m in reasonable figure though not arise shape. we used to be a aptness instructor. we spent 20 years doing judo and karate. 

But when you’re perplexing to expostulate a new business, spend time with your family and make room for practice as well, it’s not as easy as before. When I’m not training, we feel it. 

I’ve finished some yoga classes and Trish and we have assimilated Powerscourt Hotel Gym and Pool. We’re perplexing to get there a bit some-more often.

What are your healthiest eating habits?

I eat a good breakfast — muesli or porridge with lots of fruit.

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

I adore desserts — anything with a biscuit bottom with ice cream and chocolate sauce.

What would keep we watchful during night?

I’m sanctified in that I’m a good sleeper. we arise early and I’m customarily not in bed until late. I’m defunct by a time we strike a pillow.

How do we relax?

I adore to lay over a coffee and speak about business or life. I’m many during home and during assent with nature. we adore zero some-more than putting on a span of boots and walking in a fields.

Who would we entice to your dream cooking party?

Elvis Presley, Mohammad Ali, Steve Jobs and Thich Nhat Hanh [Vietnamese Buddhist priest and assent activist].

What’s your favourite smell?

That smell in a spa, of botanical oils. 

Also, a smell of an open territory fire. It takes me behind to holidays on my father’s home plantation in Co Donegal.

What would we change about your appearance?

If we could call a sorcery wand, I’d happily revive a full conduct of hair. 

I skip entrance out of a showering and jolt my head. we still forget, until we pass a mirror, that I’m indeed bald.

What’s your favourite book?

Tuesdays With Morrie – we review it shortly after my father upheld away. 

It was as if this comparison male was giving recommendation on life lessons. we had a clarity of my father articulate to me.

When did we final cry?

I would contend on a genocide of my mom in 2005.

What trait do we slightest like in others?


What trait do we slightest like in yourself?

At times, we can be fanatic and impatient.

Do we pray?

I do, maybe not in a normal clarity of observant structured prayers, some-more in terms of thankfulness and meditation. 

I start a initial 10 mins of a day in gratitude, afterwards we lay sensitively to meditate.

What would hearten adult your day?

Being around people who are certain and optimistic.

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