The difficulty with Les Dawson's diet advice… it's not humorous writes Christopher Stevens

Christopher Stevens for a Daily Mail

Lose Weight For Love (BBC1)


Ultimate Rome: Empire Without Limit (BBC2)


Years before luminary practice videos and carb-free eating fads, Les Dawson used to offer diet advice: ‘I mislaid 10 mill of nauseous fat overnight. The mom left me!’

The Beeb’s humourless anguish aunt, Tanya Byron, seemed to be regulating this inhuman wisecrack as her impulse in a appalling, and unequivocally unfunny, Lose Weight For Love (BBC1).She took a amatory integrate with 3 children, and apart them adult while they struggled to slim. 

It’s tough to accept that a BBC, even during a many higher and cynical, could be enlivening people to mangle up, usually for a consequence of a mesmerizing programme title. But that’s accurately what was function here. 

Tanya Byron, centre, is graphic with Phil and Becky who seemed in  final night's uncover Lose Weight For Love

Tanya Byron, centre, is graphic with Phil and Becky who seemed in final night’s uncover Lose Weight For Love

Prof Tanya, as she calls herself on Twitter, claims matrimony creates us fat. ‘More than 60 per cent of people put on weight when they are in a gentle relationship,’ she declared. ‘Couples stranded in an diseased rut can be any other’s misfortune enemies.’ 

Those stats sound totally bogus. We fill on comfort dishes and splash to additional when we’re lonely, miserable or stressed out — not when we’re happy. 

And a initial integrate on a uncover gave a distortion to Prof Tanya’s figures: father Phil had been vital on his possess when he was heaviest, during 30st. Gastric rope medicine had helped him strew half his bodyweight, yet interjection to a debility for fizzy drinks he was now 24st again. 

Becky was 17st, yet some of that was baby weight — their youngest  was usually a year old. Both indispensable a extreme change of lifestyle, yet to titillate them to spend 10 weeks though saying any other was simply sadistic. 

We didn’t hear a throw of genuine justification that subdivision would motivate this integrate to remove weight faster, and Becky was seemingly shocked that her male would suffer a bachelor life too most to lapse to his family. She got a misfortune of a deal, left during home and looking after 3 kids on her own. 


Killer Women (ITV) was roughly too unpleasant to watch, as Piers Morgan talked to Florida mom Amanda Lewis, convicted of drowning her immature daughter — on a justification of her eight-year-old son. God dissuade a British justice would jail a lady for life on her child’s testimony. 

What her children suspicion about losing their father for 10 weeks, no one knows. Prof Tanya didn’t seem to consider that deserved a mention. 

But she couldn’t stop praising their ‘radical and unequivocally dauntless preference to separate, so they can concentration on their possess on health and well-being’. The 21st-century mantra was transparent — forget your marriage, forget your children . . . a usually thing that matters is being selfish. 

Prof Tanya regularly told a integrate she’d ‘be there for them’. Yet a nastiest shot of a entirely nasty programme came usually a day after a immature relatives were pushed apart: while Becky floundered over breakfast, a camera zoomed in to uncover what looked like dog plod on a kitchen floor. 

Did Prof Tanya unequivocally trust she  was assisting this woman? Because it seemed some-more like sneering. 

Another professor, Cambridge university’s Mary Beard, set out her possess views on matrimony as she invited her husband, art historian Robin Cormack, onto Ultimate Rome: Empire Without Limit (BBC2). 

Explaining how Roman trade routes speedy a widespread of Christianity, she quoted from St Paul’s minute to a Corinthians: ‘Man is a conduct of woman.’ 

Mary Beard, set out her possess views on matrimony and explained how trade routes speedy a widespread oy Christianity on Ultimate Rome: Empire Without Limit

Mary Beard, set out her possess views on matrimony and explained how trade routes speedy a widespread oy Christianity on Ultimate Rome: Empire Without Limit

With a caustic glisten to camera, Mary huffed: ‘Never going to be my motto.’ I’m certain Robin knew that already. 

As she analysed because Rome had spent so many centuries disappearing and falling, her attempts during flightiness were infrequently laboured. In a backstreet trattoria, she spent 5 mins rupturing a pizza and dotting it with olives and tomatoes, to illustrate how a empire’s provinces ruled themselves.

She was livelier recounting how Europe’s initial good superstate pennyless up, blaming ‘invaders, waves of refugees, mercantile migrants . . . it was utterly formidable to tell a disproportion between those three’. 

The emperors were bankrupting a world, indulging in banquets of nightingale tongues and ostrich brains, and literally smothering their guest in rose petals. 

Meanwhile, Mary combined proudly, a Celts over Hadrian’s Wall were constantly harrying their foes, to expostulate them and their laws behind to Rome. 

Nothing pithy was said, of course, yet it all sounded like an educated evidence for Brexit. 

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