This Celebrity Makeup Artist Teaches Us Some Amazing Life Lessons

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When your customer register is filled with A-listers like Eve and Mariah Carey, we apparently know a thing or dual about beauty. Such is a box for Stephanie Flor, who is a go-to makeup artists with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. You can see her work in publications like Teen Vogue and Women’s Wear Daily (WWD). When she’s not on set, Flor is bustling roving a universe and finding beauty secrets of women opposite a globe.

We held adult with a jet-setting makeup artist to get a few life lessons she’s schooled from her sparkling career. 

1. Don’t take it personally.

“You won’t be everyone’s crater of tea don’t take it personal. A lot of times we wish to make certain everybody loves us, and loves a makeup. As artist we have to make a customer happy. we consider my best clients are a ones that are looking for a good artist not a celebration around them. I’m low key, though we still have a voice. we won’t click with each talent; some celebrities need a small fun around them and others only wish infallible talent.”

2. Always be ready.

“Be prepared for anything. There have been so many times I’ve been asked for crazy requests for makeup, and it’s essential for me to have a right products or a right relations to call a preference in. I’ve been in Aspen and my clients pronounced we wish shine lashes—a elementary call to a crony during Makeup Forever can get those to me ASAP.”

3. Know what we mount for.

“Stay loyal to your art form. I’m all about elaborating your technique, though it’s critical to know what your work stands for. Be desirous by a trends around we though we should also be a trend maker. Come with ideas; only given everybody else is doing it (cough, cough Instagram) doesn’t meant everybody wants that look. we spend many of my time doing beautiful, purify skin for brands like Clinique who wish to raise a beauty, not cover it.”

4. Stay common and friendly.

“Make friends. I’m a luckiest lady to be surrounded by friends who are a best artists in a industry. Some of my biggest opportunities come from my peers, and there’s zero like entertaining on artists you’ve come adult with given your early stages. Be humble, be kind, and be giving. The some-more we give, a some-more we get.”

5. Remind yourself of your greatness.

“You are a fable in your possess mind. My coach Crystal Wright always says a reason you’re not operative is given we are a fable in your possess mind. The notation we consider I’m a talent we consider a time for me to travel away. We are there to make beauty, not be a entertainment. Be there 100% for your clients, and they’ll move we along for a ride.”

For some-more from Stephanie Flor, check out her website,

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