Top Five Scariest Movie Scenes

Whenever Halloween comes around or we simply want to be scared we tend to look for the scariest movies that live long in the memory even when they have been released for many years. The history of horror movies is littered with memorable characters and scenes, including the amazing Nosferatu and the memorable clown from It, but some of the most memorable horror films are those that reinvented the genre they were released in. For example, the character of Norman Bates in Psycho is known for killing off the thriller genre director Alfred Hitchcock had helped create and usher in a new world of slasher movies that had begun with the release of Michael Powell’s Peeping Tom.

The release of Silence of the Lambs was not seen as a major part of that years movie schedule. A low budget thriller directed by Jonathan Demme who was better known as a comedy director seemed like a disaster waiting to happen, but the combination of Demme and Sir Anthony Hopkins iconic performance as Hannibal Lecter combined to create one of the most chilling characters in the history of horror movies. The final scenes shot in night vision are some oft he scariest in the movie as Clarice Starling seeks out the serial killer.

In 1982 Tobe Hooper gave the world Poltergeist, a mainstream horror movie that played on the deepest fears of most adults and children using psychological theories to tap into our subconscious nightmares. As children we all fear our toys coming to life and the buildup of tension before the clown finally attacks in the movie is perhaps the moment most viewers remember when the movie is over.

Ringu became a global sensation when its reinvention of the horror genre appeared in Japanese theaters. A Hollywood remake was bound to follow and the 2002 version of The Ring takes the plaudits for following the original closely and providing images and a style that can still be seen throughout the latest horror blockbusters. The unnatural and highly stylized movements of the ghostly girl as she emerges from the TV screen her character has been trapped in within the cursed video is still enough to give any viewer nightmares.

In some cases the music chosen to go along with the images produced in the best horror movies is enough to provide viewers with chills running up and down their spines. The music for the 1976 version of The Omen is one of those scores that people remember long after the movie, starring Gregory Peck is over. Jerry Goldsmith’s choral score can be heard each time the horror reaches its climax, such as the moment the priest is impaled by the spire of a church.

Deliverance may not be a horror movie in its tone and style, but the Burt Reynolds starring movie did plenty to put most people off taking a hunting trip into the wilds of the southern swamps. The most memorable scenes involve Sheriff Bullard, who was played by Deliverance author James Dickey.

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