USA Freedom Kids wish to lift $1m for anti-Trump celebs

Just moments into a year 2016, 3 immature girls wearing adorned American flag-inspired outfits and gorgeous white smiles took a theatre during a Donald Trump rally.

“Cowardiiiiiice,” they wailed, “Are we serious? Apologies for freedom, we can’t hoop this!” The opening brought national, if short-lived, courtesy to a USA Freedom Kids, a organisation of girls who perform nationalistic songs and applaud leisure “with Ameritude.”

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The Freedom Kids are back.

Jeff Popick, manager to a Freedom Kids and father of one leisure girl, announced on Wednesday a debate to present income to celebrities who have threatened to pierce out of a nation if Trump becomes president.

“Whether they comprehend it or not, they’ve renounced America and put a cost on OUR country,” Popick pronounced in a statement announcing a initiative. His list now includes: Whoopi Goldberg, Jennifer Lawrence, Lena Dunham, Jon Stewart, Cher, Miley Cyrus, Raven-Symone, and Al Sharpton—but he is also prepared to collect income for others.

Ideally, a debate will lift $1 million altogether, Popick said, or $25,000 for any luminary who has threatened to leave a U.S. if Donald Trump is inaugurated boss in November. (Presumably, this would meant Popick expects to accumulate a list of 40 anti-Trump celebrities. Seems easy enough). The figure includes income for relocating boxes, trucks, shipping, and one-way, initial category tickets to any nation that is not America.

So far, USA Freedom Kids has lifted $60.

The proclivity for a fund-raising debate is simple: “Celebrities ‘threatening’ to leave America if Donald Trump is elected, should practice their freedom, pursue their dream; and in a suggestion of Ameritude, we wish to assistance them do it.”

In a phone interview, Popick explained that a indicate of a debate isn’t to support Trump and his campaign, though to call out anti-America celebrities. “I only wish to stress,” he told me, “this is not about people, celebrities, who are anti-Donald Trump.” Instead, he said, “this is about celebrities who are so radical…that they are literally renouncing a nation and branch their backs on a American people.”

“The hazard of withdrawal a nation is a betrayal,” he said, “in some ways.”

Popick pronounced he doesn’t see because people are removing so exhilarated about that claimant indeed becomes a president. “[The possibilities are all] Americans who have by and vast upheld a litmus test,” he reasoned. “None of them could be using for boss if they were criminals.” A low bar for a presidency, and also presumably incorrect.

Donors to a means will accept some perks, as well. According to a group’s Go Fund Me page, someone who donates $5 gets “a giveaway download of a USA Freedom Kids strike song, ‘Freedom’s Call.’ Plus, an disdainful pre-sale event for “VIP tickets to one of a concerts.” For $1,000, “donors get all from reduce tiers and 2 VIP tickets to a initial celebration (not dependent in any approach with Donald Trump or a Donald Trump campaign).” A steal.

Popick told me that a girls will also perform as partial of a campaign. “There substantially will be rather of a opposite algorithm,” he said, when we asked if 100% of deduction would indeed go to celebrities.

Eligible celebrities who accept a income will have to dedicate to vital outward a U.S. by Trump’s eight-year (Popick’s prediction) term. Popick pronounced he has not been in hold with any of a celebrities in question.

Ultimately, Popick sees this as “a fun project,” that will assistance anti-Trump celebrities “accomplish their goal.”

“We wish to assistance them pierce out of a country,” he said, so “the rest of us can get on with amatory a country.”

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