We Tried It: A Video Game-inspired Fitness Class that Burns Up to 1000 Calories

AG6 class
Poby/Asphalt Green

What Is It: AG6, a aptness category that is pronounced to resemble a video game

Who Tried It: Grace Gavilanes, writer-reporter

Level of Difficulty: 7/10

Confession: I’m one of those uncanny people who wakes adult during 5:30 a.m. any morning to practice before work. It’s gross, we know. But it creates me feel good, and I’ve gotten to a indicate where we feel off if we skip my morning category — even yet that would meant an additional hour of nap and forgetful (mostly about Drake and creatively baked chocolate chip cookies).

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Since recently adopting a gusto for aptness that would have frightened my milkshake-loving 12-year-old self silly, I’ve found myself feeling eager about holding on new workouts that go over Pilates, yoga and spin.

Enter AG6, a category exclusively offering in N.Y.C. that is pronounced to resemble a video diversion and might bake adult to 1,000 calories in one 45-minute session. we initial schooled about this class, that is offering during Asphalt Green’s Manhattan plcae on a Upper East Side, by Facebook. People seemed to be preoccupied with this new aptness category that’s a initial of a kind in a United States due to a cutting-edge technology.

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AG6 class
Poby/Asphalt Green

AG6 boasts vigour supportive walls and floors via a 7 examination stations that light adult as guides to urge flesh memory as good as assistance aim all vital flesh groups. The examination is deemed high intensity, definition there are a lot of fast-paced squats, lunges and burpees involved.

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Each of a 7 stations underline a possess niche practice that ranges from throwing a round onto ever-changing lit-up targets to regulating gliders for nonstop towering climbers. It kind of felt like we was in a training stage from The Hunger Games, reduction a daggers and arrows.

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Despite carrying usually launched a small over a month ago, AG6 has shaped a possess organisation of category devotees, with participants carrying already taken one or dual classes by a time we even requisitioned my initial class.

AG6 class
Poby/Asphalt Green

While we unequivocally enjoyed AG6, I’d have to contend that it usually loosely resembled a video game, that we theory a partial of me was already expecting. When we initial schooled about a class, we was expecting any hire to have a possess scoreboard à la Flywheel and Equinox’s The Pursuit. But that overtly was a teenager fact compared to a rest of my experience, that consisted of a lot of sweating, breathing and grunting a.k.a. a genuine indicator of a torpedo workout.

—Grace Gavilanes

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