Where's Richard Simmons? Twisted poser has friends concerned


Richard Simmons non-stop his front door, skinny and trembling. Mauro Oliveira, a visible artist who was also Simmons’ masseur and former assistant, greeted him on a front porch, endangered about his friend. After receiving an meaningful phone call from Simmons, Oliveira had driven his lorry to a Hollywood Hills, past a dual steel gates that Simmons had left ajar for him, and into a driveway. He reached a porch by a white columns that removed an antebellum Southern mansion, and past Simmons’ bronze statue of a royal Dalmatian.

Wearing a T-shirt and sweatpants, a spare Simmons led Oliveira by a foyer, and into a vital room. “Mauro, we can no longer see any other,” Simmons told him in a quiet, degraded voice.


Evan Hurd/Sygma/Corbis

HIT THE DECK Simmons, whose childhood practice with bullying helped him empathise with overweight women, reaches out on a “Cruise to Lose” sea ship in 1996.

It was Apr 2014. Oliveira, a 49-year-old from Brazil with a rugged arms and trim physique of a gym rodent and close-cropped black hair, had met Simmons 13 months earlier, and a dual became quick friends. But he was throwing a uncanny vibe lately, and hadn’t seen him in a while, before a afterwards 65-year-old Simmons summoned him to a mansion, observant usually that they indispensable to talk.

“What’s going on, Richard?” Oliveira asked. “Why are we observant that?”

“I don’t know,” Simmons replied. “I usually wish to be by myself, and we wish to be in a house, and we’re never going to see any other again.”

Simmons’ home is a reduction of exemplary pattern and pattern that recalls his New Orleans youth. He collects offbeat pieces, including a menagerie of dolls highlighted by a unaccompanied Barbra Streisand indication and a colorful work of Mexican painter and sculptor Sergio Bustamante. As they spoke, he and Oliveira stood nearby an exuberant grand piano.

“Let’s speak it over,” Oliveira said. “I wish to lay here, and make certain you’ll be OK. Let’s go upstairs, I’ll give we a massage and relax you.”

Simmons called adult to Teresa Reveles, his live-in housekeeper of scarcely 3 decades. “Mauro is going upstairs with me,” he said.

“No, no, no!” Reveles shouted from a second floor, according to Oliveira. “Get out! Get out!”

Oliveira looked during his friend, who told him in a soothing voice, “You’ve gotta go.”

Oliveira leaned in toward Simmons. “Is she determining your life now?”

As Oliveira tells it, Simmons looked down, and with one quiescent word arguable his misfortune suspicions: “Yes.” This was a final time he saw his friend.

With Reveles sorrow behind him, Oliveira hustled out to his truck, picked adult his dungeon phone, and asked an surrogate to hit Simmons’ comparison brother, Lenny. He and Lenny did not have a tighten relationship, nonetheless Oliveira knew of nowhere else to turn.

Oliveira is ease as he recounts this story, nonetheless exasperation enters his voice as he recalls a hazard intended that day, scarcely dual years ago. “Later that evening, Richard called me and pronounced that his manager and Teresa wanted to put a confining sequence opposite me — we can see how determining they are — and we said, ‘What confining order? You are a one who called me. I’m not invading your privacy, or your house.’ That was a finish of that. No confining sequence was put opposite me.”

Oliveira has oral fast about his absolved entrance to Simmons during this dim period, nonetheless never in this many detail. He recently underwent a heart procedure, that he blames on Simmons-related stress, and is demure to entice serve strain. But he concluded to elaborate on a Hollywood poser that has formerly been told usually in a few puzzling publication items.

“We are unequivocally concerned. we trust that something else is happening. we don’t consider Richard is in there of his possess volition.”

Richard Simmons has upheld from open view, and many who know him best contend they haven’t had any hit in some-more than dual years. All repeat a same message, some anonymously and some on a record: Simmons stopped returning calls and emails some-more than dual years ago, function that is rarely out of character, and his housekeeper is restraint entrance to him during home. Indeed, for a inexhaustible and greatly amicable open figure, one who taught classes during his Beverly Hills gym until a few years ago; has sole some-more than 20 million practice videos, including a mega-popular “Sweatin’ to a Oldies” series; seemed many times on David Letterman’s shows, “General Hospital,” his possess speak uncover and infomercials; and was a clearly entire participation for decades, a overpower is striking.



INTO HIS SHELL In one of his final open appearances, Simmons surveys a stage from his roost on a turtle boyant in a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2013.

“We were unequivocally close,” says a crony in Hollywood who spoke on a condition that his name be withheld, and who has not listened behind from Simmons given 2013 — one of 5 people who described to me a same situation. “It’s not something that we wish to find broadside about, nonetheless we are unequivocally concerned. Teresa did spin me divided several times. He has missed funerals of tighten friends. He was a many arguable and caring chairman on a planet, and afterwards to unexpected vanish? we have come to trust that something else is happening. we don’t consider Richard is in there of his possess volition.”

It’s a view that Oliveira takes even further. “I feel that Richard is now being tranquil by a unequivocally people that he tranquil his whole life,” he says. “Controlled in a clarity that they are holding advantage of his diseased mental state. Controlled in a clarity that they are determining his mail, determining his everything. His brother, a manager and Teresa. Those 3 people.”

He also believes that Simmons is deeply depressed, given of a ongoing knee damage that has kept him from training classes; a genocide of his dear 17-year-old dalmatian, Hattie; and depletion from a lifetime as one of a highest-octane characters in American cocktail culture. How does he consider Simmons has spent his days given slicing off hit with a world? “Medicated and in bed,” Oliveira says.

Michael Catalano, Simmons’ longtime manager, insists that all a worry is misplaced. “Richard is enjoying life during home after a 40-year career of roving a universe and relocating people to take improved caring of themselves,” Catalano told me (he declined my ask for an speak with Simmons). “He is operative on several projects and continues to inspire those that need his help.”

“If Richard never comes out of a shadows and says he is OK, afterwards no one will ever know a truth. His fans will usually arise adult one day and see a terrible story that he upheld away.”

Teresa Reveles did not respond to phone and email messages, and a gates were sealed during my several visits to Simmons’ home. But Catalano pushes behind strongly opposite a suspicion that a housekeeper, or anyone else, is determining a aptness guru. “I can tell we positively 100% that is not a case,” he told me. “If Richard wants to get in his automobile and expostulate to Starbucks, no one is revelation him he can’t. In response to ‘the housekeeper is gripping him captive,’ we can tell we that it is 100% not true. It’s ridiculous. Richard has always been someone who creates adult his possess mind what he wants to do.”

Until they see him, however, many friends will sojourn rarely skeptical. “If Richard never comes out of a shadows and says he is OK, afterwards no one will ever know a truth,” says one. “His fans will usually arise adult one day and see a terrible story that he upheld away.”

Oliveira presents a many plain justification of Simmons’ mental and romantic state, given his entrance to a palace was some-more new than others’. But even he has been left with a default of concrete, benefaction information, withdrawal friends to sequence theories, some some-more outlandish than others.

“I consider tormented is a best word to report his mental state,” Oliveira says. “I consider it was (caused by) black magic, witchcraft. That’s not tighten to your culture, nonetheless to my enlightenment in Brazil, and to Mexicans” — Teresa Reveles is from Mexico — “that is a genuine thing. They beg a spirits. They light black candles, and red and blue candles. I’ve never participated. we usually saw from a distance. But during services, they do special meals. They offer dishes to a bad spirits, and light candles, invoking with words.”

It is a weird allegation, nonetheless one not totally out of place in a story of this surprising American life.


Andy Martino

SIMMONS-GATE As a aptness guru holes adult inside his Hollywood Hills home, his friends have been barred from entering.

Simmons’ tale, tangible by depression, resilience and reinvention, began on Jul 12, 1948, in that city of humid mysticism, New Orleans. Milton Teagle Simmons — he after altered a name to respect a dear uncle — was a second of dual boys innate to Leonard and Shirley Simmons. Theirs was a difficult family, congested into a shotgun residence in a French Quarter.

Both relatives were entertainers from a vaudeville era, carrying worked as singers, dancers, actors, and masters of ceremony. Shirley found some-more success than Leonard, so when Richard and his comparison brother, Lenny, were young, their relatives finished a preference surprising for a time: Shirley would continue to tour, and Leonard would be a stay-at-home parent.

As Shirley packaged for her trips, immature Richard would cry and beg with his mother, “Why do we have to go? Why do we have to go?”

Leonard, annoyed, would respond by frozen Richard out of a family for durations of time; Richard would glow behind by derisive his father for not carrying a job. “His process of punishment was perfect,” Simmons wrote in his enchanting 1999 memoir, “Still Hungry — After All These Years.” “It was a Punishment of Silence. Very effective for a child who craves attention. You didn’t exist. He didn’t do your laundry, he didn’t set a place during a list for we — Milton doesn’t live here anymore.”

Leonard and Shirley kept apart bedrooms and argued often, generally when she returned from a road. Once when Richard was 4 or 5 years old, he peered into a kitchen, to see his mom doubled over a sink, clutching her stomach. She had an ulcer, that Leonard blamed on his high-maintenance youngest son.


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“Are we happy now?” he pronounced to Richard, as recounted in a memoir. “See what we have done? You finished your mom sick. You gave her a peptic ulcer. It’s all your fault.”

More than 30 years later, when Simmons was display off his initial residence in a Hollywood Hills, his father still funded courtesy and approval. “There’s too many windows and too many glass,” Leonard told his son, who by now was a successful examination guru with a repeated purpose on “General Hospital.” “It’s going to be unequivocally drafty. And where is a nearest grocery store, fish market, bakery? You’re going to have to expostulate all a approach down a side of this mountain. This usually doesn’t make sense!”

“Nothing we did,” Simmons wrote, “seemed to be right.”

People tighten to Simmons contend that wounds from a diligent father-son energetic have always been raw, even nonetheless both relatives are prolonged dead. “Now he has a difficult attribute with his brother,” one crony says. “He loves him, nonetheless (he) always says that his father adored Lenny.”

When we attempted to strech Lenny Simmons, a woman, presumably Lenny’s mom Kathy, picked adult a phone, and had no seductiveness in chatting.

“Hi,” we began. “I’m a author operative on a square about Richard Simmons—”

“We have no comment,” a lady said.

“I haven’t asked a doubt yet.”

“I pronounced we have no comment.” Click.


Courtesy of Mauro Oliveira

GOLDEN YEARS Mauro Oliveira, right, once a partial of Simmons’ center circle, is one of many friends and associates who contend they’ve been cut off from all hit with a examination guru.

Friends contend that family story has always weighed on Simmons. “He infrequently will outing into a persona of a 5-year-old child,” says one companion who claims to have seen this within a past few years. “He’ll play with dolls, and call we daddy. It’s ‘daddy this’ and ‘daddy that.’ ”

Simmons’ attribute with his father was distant from his usually source of childhood trauma. From an early age, he struggled with his weight, and obsession to food. Leonard baked elaborate meals, and taught his son how to do a same; a kitchen was one of a usually places where their tragedy cooled. But by a time he was in abbreviation school, Simmons was heavier than his peers. His relatives took him to doctors — “you’re a vast fella,” one joked, a criticism that Simmons never forgot — put him on diets, did whatever they could. Before even reaching high school, Simmons experimented with diet pills; as a immature adult, he would starve himself, take laxatives, binge and purge, and differently try to shun a woe of hating his body.

The other kids frequency finished it easier, swapping between taunts about his weight and his feminine manner, that brought on a tag of “sissy,” as Simmons recalls in his memoir. Once, in a sixth grade, Simmons had usually walked out of a schoolyard when a child named Moose called to him, “Hey, porker.” Before Simmons could spin around, he felt a moment of a ball bat on a behind of his head. “Maybe we can put a hole in your conduct and some of that fat will come out,” Moose said.

“Hey, porker,” one schoolyard brag taunted Simmons. “Maybe we can put a hole in your conduct and some of that fat will come out.”

For Simmons, these practice brought out a ability to empathise with unaccompanied intensity, a ability that would after move him success and fame. While in high school, Simmons began concomitant a mom of a friend, named Barbara, to Weight Watchers meetings. At those weekly gatherings, women stepped on a scale; if they had gained any weight, a celebrity would pin a pig on their clothing. Deep into center age, Simmons still removed examination Barbara accept a pig. “I’ll never forget a demeanour of contrition on her face,” he wrote. “Here was this happy lady, and one outing to a scale and 20 mins later, her mascara is using down her cheeks, and she has a pig on her shoulder.… we felt a need to give her a pep talk, and try to make her feel improved about herself again.”

For a time in college, Simmons lived and complicated in Venice, anticipating to spin a critical painter in a tradition of Gustav Klimt. One day, a casting representative for a mythological executive Federico Fellini approached him, wanting an portly additional for a film “Satyricon.” Simmons parlayed that coming into a fibre of Italian commercials, and achieved teenager internal celebrity. But those roles compulsory him to stay overweight; he was 5-foot-7, and had ballooned to some-more than 250 pounds. Simmons eventually changed behind to a U.S., anticipating to get healthier. His seductiveness in apropos a painter faded, as a enterprise to shun fat and self-loathing persisted.

Having cycled by each probable approach to control his eating, Simmons became ardent about practice in a early 1970s, while operative as a waiter in Los Angeles. His effusive celebrity in that pursuit captivated attention, and helped him to accommodate investors meddlesome in his suspicion of starting a total salad bar and gym, called a Ruffage and Anatomy Asylum. He non-stop his business in 1974, shortly forsaken a food-service aspect, and renamed a space Slimmons Studio. It launched what fast became an practice sovereignty and still stands currently on what is now City Center Drive in Beverly Hills. The location, and Simmons’ sociability, helped him forge connectors in Hollywood, that led to TV appearances, videos, a speak show, radio, infomercials and diversion shows.

Once his luminary exploded, Simmons’ grant to a enlightenment transcended “Sweatin’ to a Oldies.” Decades before “Will and Grace” helped make center America some-more gentle with happy culture, Simmons — while never technically out to a open — pushed normal bounds of potency and gender, all while assisting others. Rhonda Garelick, a highbrow of fine- and behaving humanities during a University of Nebraska-Lincoln, has complicated and created about Simmons’ impact. “By inserting himself so dramatically into renouned culture, and befriending and operative to assistance overweight women — another organisation mostly ostracized or abashed — Simmons did make swell we consider for a ubiquitous acceptance of happy people,” Garelick told me in an email.

Simmons taught classes during his gym until about dual years ago, nonetheless hasn’t been seen there since. Dropping by Slimmons is an knowledge same to pursuit Lenny Simmons’ house. When we knocked on a doorway on a new morning, a lady in practice garments non-stop it a crack. “Sorry, we don’t concede reporters in here,” she said, before shutting it in my face.


Courtesy of Mauro Oliveira

ALL IS WELL Oliveira (waving) and Simmons during a loyalty of a good during a Brazilian institution where Oliveira was raised; Simmons (inset) displays a orphanage’s certificate of appreciation.

Betty Wilson is an disciple in Los Angeles for people with disabilities, and now a commissioner of a California Commission on Disability Access, located in downtown L.A. She has also been a crony of Simmons for some-more than 20 years — until, that is, late 2013. “I’m endangered given it is not like him to not respond to me,” Wilson tells me over lunch in Santa Monica. “I mean, privately respond. we have sent many emails. No response.”

A few years ago, Simmons voiced seductiveness in building practice programs for a disabled. Wilson saw this as a healthy prolongation of his consolation and enterprise to assistance marginalized people. “It shows his humanity,” Wilson says. “He wanted to be inclusive, before that word was even being used.”

The dual were in unchanging hit about this project, until usually over dual years ago, when Simmons’ responses abruptly stopped. Now, she joins a carol of disturbed and questionable friends.

Wilson and Simmons have a mutual friend, Jun Park, who operates a store Wigs Today in a frame mall during Third and Fairfax in Los Angeles. For years, Simmons finished revisit visits to a shop, to discuss with Park and crop a sell (at home, friends say, Simmons infrequently wears wigs including a blonde incline and a brown, shoulder-length model). The dual began to socialize, with organisation dinners and nights on a town. But like many others, Park has been incompetent to strech Simmons for about dual years.

“He’s a wonderful, smashing guy,” says Park, 62. “He’s such a honeyed guy. He tries to assistance everybody. He brings people in here and buys them wigs. Sometimes he would demeanour during people, and review their aura, and start crying. That’s real. That’s true.”

Park final attempted to revisit Simmons on Jul 12, 2014, his 66th birthday. She brought flowers. Teresa Reveles answered a door.

“He started degrading me in front of everybody. It’s tough to explain how someone is when they’re disturbed by a bad force. That’s a thing. Teresa is putting black sorcery on him.”

“I wish to see Richard,” Park recalls saying. “She said, ‘He doesn’t wish to see anybody right now.’ we don’t trust it. He’s not OK.… After that, we can’t go anymore. we attempted to call Richard a integrate times. No one will call me back. It is a unequivocally unhappy story. I’m so unhappy right now. Everybody loves him.”

Standing in her store, surrounded by wigs, Park’s perspicacious gawk fixes on cave and she implores me to widespread a word about her concerns, “as shortly as possible, please.”

Oliveira’s chronicle of Simmons’ skirmish into what he calls “self-imprisonment” is a many viable speculation to that friends in a dim can cling. Simmons and Oliveira initial met in a Hollywood art gallery in Mar 2013, when Oliveira was display his paintings. They fast connected, and a versatile Oliveira started operative for Simmons, initial as a masseuse, and afterwards as a personal assistant. He insists that he and Simmons were usually friends, and never romantically involved. That May, Oliveira says, Simmons offering to buy him a birthday present, observant it could be big. Oliveira responded by revelation him how, from a age of 6 to 18, he had lived in an institution called Hope Unlimited in Campinas, Brazil, and had recently schooled that a place indispensable a new good for a water. It would cost $30,000. Could Simmons do that?

Simmons pronounced that he would be blissful to help. In Aug he, Oliveira and Catalano trafficked to Brazil for a opening of a well. Oliveira remembers a day as pleasing and moving, with children singing to Simmons. But a outing itself brought about new tensions between a two.

“When he woke adult during a hotel, he was already tormented,” Oliveira says. “I went into his room and said, ‘Richard, are we ready?’ And he already started being bipolar: ‘Don’t rush me!’ we had usually asked in a good way. Then, as we were pulling from Sao Paulo to Campinas, he started degrading me in front of a driver, in front of everybody, in front of Michael. Just being a disturbed person. It’s intensely tough to explain to we how someone is when they are disturbed by a bad force. That’s a thing. Fucking Teresa is putting black sorcery on him. Like we put in a book.”

Ah, a book. The book to that Oliveira refers is “King Rich and a Evil Witch,” a self-published e-book in that Oliveira presents his chronicle of a people and events in Simmons’ center circle. In a book, labeled a “living angel tale,” Simmons is “The Good Goofy King Rich,” Teresa Reveles is “Evil Witch Boreza,” Lenny Simmons is “Prince Benny” and Michael Catalano is “Morono.” Oliveira calls a impression formed on himself “The Artist.” He hopes to adjust a story into a Broadway play.


Mauro Oliveira around Amazon

FRACTURED FAIRY TALE Oliveira self-published a e-book,“King Rich and a Evil Witch,” that he claims hints during a genuine story behind Simmons’ absence.

“On a Christmas early hours, a author had a dream in New York City that he was in a angel story with a guru and a witch,” Oliveira writes in his introduction. “After his dream…the author strongly felt a shortcoming to share his loyal story with a world, and assistance his friend, ‘the King.’ ”

In a story, a immature Prince Rich develops a “brilliant life devise to assistance a vast portly race in a dominion and beyond,” and becomes successful in a “Kingdom of LA LA LAND.” Realizing that he needs assistance progressing his castle, he places an ad in a “LA LA LAND TIMES,” soliciting a servant. Witch Boreza answers it and immediately “has her eye on a vast prize: To get a palace and all of a Prince’s happening and possessions.”

After many years, a now-King Rich meets a Artist, arousing jealousy in Witch Boreza and others in his court. The friends transport to assistance an orphanage, and after to Europe, both formed on genuine life experiences. Tensions ensue, ensuing in a thespian — and admittedly illusory — climax, where King Rich realizes that he has been put underneath a witch’s spell, and breaks giveaway of it.

“Boreza, YOU FUCKING WITCH,” King Rich shouts. “You are now diminished from a LA LA LAND KINGDOM. You have a choice to fly divided on your brush now, from a castle’s balcony, or we am going to sequence a guards to give we to a thousands of commoners watchful outside.”

Reality has brought no such catharsis. Teresa Reveles continues to work for Simmons, and stays an intent of guess to those expel from his circle. Jun Park has review “King Rich and a Evil Witch,” and says, “(Oliveira) did a smashing job. Everything he pronounced was true.”

Oliveira admits that some in Simmons’ stay were endangered that it was he who was after a boss’s money. In Oct of 2013, he began vital in an unit that Simmons purchased, that finished a others uncomfortable. Oliveira pronounced that he sent a monthly lease check of $2,000, that Simmons never cashed. In 2015, prolonged after he final saw his friend, he contacted Simmons’ accountant and asked for an vague amount. Oliveira claims that Simmons had told him to ask for income whenever he indispensable it, and when he did so, he usually asked once, and perceived nothing.

“The good side of Richard felt compelled by my story that we was lifted in an orphanage, and was vital in a bad area during a time,” Oliveira says. “So he offering (the apartment), and we accepted. He didn’t put it in my name. It was usually an investment for him.”

In Nov 2013, as Simmons’ basin seemed to worsen, he suggested a outing to Europe with Oliveira, Catalano, Simmons’ accountant, and Lenny and Kathy Simmons. Oliveira, not wanting a repeat of a Brazil experience, declined, nonetheless Simmons kept pushing. Finally, Oliveira concluded to go.

“I said, ‘Richard, we need to get up. You need to do something.’ He replied, ‘No I’m tired, let me sleep.’ we walked downstairs and said, ‘Teresa, Richard needs treatment.’ She said, ‘I don’t care.’ ”

The organisation finished it by a initial dual stops, France and England, though incident, nonetheless a darker appetite materialized in Venice. On a final day of their trip, Simmons emerged in a hotel run dressed in a purple wig, fur cloak and earrings, wearing complicated purple lipstick and rouge. It was not surprising for him to enclose women’s apparel, nonetheless this outfit seemed extreme, and Oliveira sensed difficulty brewing.

That day, a organisation rented a gondola vast adequate to fit 6 people. According to Oliveira, when Kathy Simmons attempted to step onto a boat, it tipped, and H2O rushed in. The gondolier started screaming during her.

“Then we said, ‘Listen, we don’t speak to tourists like this. We are profitable you,’ ” Oliveira says. “Richard incited to me, and started screaming during me, (saying) that we was a nobody, that we wasn’t an achieved artist. we don’t know if he was looking for an event or a reason. (Then) he started singing opera. He was completely…” Oliveira trails off, acid for a right words, before picking adult a story. “When a bad suggestion gets in your physique — he was hexed by a bad spirit. My blood vigour was by a roof, and we think that we had a teenager heart attack. That’s a reason because we (later) had to put a valve on my heart.”



CRY FOR HELP? A uneasy Simmons final seemed on TV with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin on Dec. 31, 2013. The aptness horde pennyless down in tears during a march of a interview.

After a vessel boyant — “the longest half hour I’ve ever had in my life,” Oliveira says — Oliveira returned to his hotel room, and motionless that he could no longer work for Simmons. Between that day and their thespian final assembly a following April, they socialized occasionally, and Oliveira still supposing massages.

As Simmons began slicing off many friends, his dear dog Hattie declined precipitously, defecating all over a house, and finally wanting to be put down. Oliveira visited a palace in Mar 2014, and found a joyless scene. “He was sleeping during 2 p.m. on a Sunday,” Oliveira says. “I said, ‘Richard, we need to get up. You need to do something.’ He said, ‘No I’m tired, let me sleep.’ And nobody cares. we walked downstairs and said, ‘Teresa, Richard needs treatment.’ She said, ‘I don’t care.’ ”

Oliveira and Simmons split ways in April, and after that, Oliveira says he communicated usually with Simmons’ accountant about a apartment, that he vacated that October, and a ask for income that he did not receive.

Upon his lapse from a European vacation, Simmons finished usually a few some-more open appearances. At a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Nov 2013, he rode in a turtle float, and interacted enthusiastically with a crowd. On Jan 30, 2014, he attended a Los Angeles fundraiser for Covered California, a state’s health word exchange. His most new media interview, as distant as Catalano can recall, was on New Year’s Eve 2013, when he seemed for 5 mins on CNN with anchor Brooke Baldwin, and left in tears. The mood began to spin after Simmons speedy viewers to be non-judgmental when they looked in a mirror.

“What do we contend to yourself in a counterpart in a morning?” Baldwin asked.

“I say, ‘Try to assistance some-more people,’ ” Simmons responded, his voice cracking.

Back in a ’70s, when Slimmons was still called a Ruffage and Anatomy Asylum, a lady named Ellen would mostly come in and sequence a tiny juice. She was reduction than 5 feet tall, and skinny. Simmons could detect in her still coming a associate survivor of childhood teasing and trauma. “Although she always wore a facade of a pleasing grin on her face,” he wrote in his memoir, “I’m certain Ellen endured years of being teased about her appearance. Just as people who are unequivocally overweight are mostly finished fun of, people who are unequivocally skinny are satisfactory game, too.”

Ellen finished and sole teddy bears, and on Simmons’ birthday she brought him an strange creation, with rusty brownish-red fur and a smile. Over a subsequent few months, she remained still and reserved, nonetheless would spasmodic leave pleasing bears for Simmons, with records that said, “I wish this creates your day.”

One morning, Simmons arrived to find a diminutive box by a door. “Inside, wrapped in tissue, was a tiniest, many minute teddy bear I’d ever seen,” he after wrote. “It was no some-more than a distance of a postage stamp — it contingency have been finished underneath a vast magnifying glass. Unlike Ellen’s other works, this was not a happy-looking bear. It seemed unequivocally waste sitting in that box, all by itself.”

Simmons kept Ellen’s bears in his vital room, and now beheld that they had been removing smaller, as a months ticked by. Days passed, and he didn’t see her, so Simmons became worried, and asked about her during a Beverly Hills boutique that sole her work.

“She died a few days ago,” a owners said. Ellen had been anorexic, and Simmons has disturbed himself for decades with a suspicion that he could have finished some-more for her. He has spent a lifetime enthralled in a low finish of other people’s despair, operative to lift them out. Now, friends fear that he is a one wasting away.

[embedded content]

OVER AND OUT Simmons’ attended a fundraiser in Los Angeles for for “Covered California,” a California health-care program, on Jan. 30, 2014, his final famous open appearance.

In Jan 2015, TMZ reported that a LAPD, behaving on an unknown tip, sent dual officers to check on Simmons, and found him manageable and alert. Michael Catalano points to this as justification that Simmons is fine, and says that he final saw his customer during a 2015 holiday season, while Lenny and Kathy Simmons visited. “He was in good health,” Catalano says.

But those difference do small to comfort a folks who caring about Simmons, who fear that a subsequent news they hear will be a worst, and be left to consternation if they should have been some-more assertive in their attempts to save him. In a deficiency of any news from a Hollywood Hills mansion, one is left to fill in a blanks. Thoughts fundamentally spin to a uneasy Beach Boy Brian Wilson and his possessive guru, Dr. Eugene Landy, or a final, removed years of Michael Jackson and his prescription-happy doctor, Conrad Murray. The mind slips to dim places, when deprived of information.

“He has to know his friends and a village are so concerned,” says one of a longtime friends who spoke on a condition of anonymity. “Show business is one thing, nonetheless friends are another. If he had any contend in a matter, he would strech out to any of us. I’m unequivocally suspicious, as it usually doesn’t make sense. It’s unequivocally bizarre. It’s over mysterious. If something is going on, we wish to be there for him. We wish to support him.” daily_dig_logo

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