Which luminary athleisure line is right for you?

It seems each luminary who is any celebrity has an athleisure line these days — or during slightest a sports shoe collaboration. So, how’s a consumer to choose? Should we bottom your legging purchases on your celebrity crush or your examination goals? Does walking to brunch count as a examination goal? (Yes, we opinion it does. Walking 7 blocks is basically half a mimosa.)

This accessible beam will assistance code which hot celeb lifestyle code both speaks to we and meets your turn of jaunty prowess.

Ivy Park by Beyoncé

Overview: The newcomer to a garland strikes a balance between stylish minimalism and heavy-duty functionality. Designed with the female form in mind, a logo-emblazoned collection boasts modernized fabrics that offer to raise curves and yield additional support to equivocate reverb while sportive — all while remaining breathable. Though be warned, we might have to go adult a distance since that combined support means things are pretty, flattering tight.

Who it is best matched for: Gym rats who adore to persperate and get their life to Survivor, and who can conclude combined support for their combined pillow (hello, underlining).

Staple pieces:

Low-rise biker shorts

Reminder: All Ivy Park offerings — including these biker shorts — were tested by a Queen Bey herself, so we’re flattering certain these shorts are prepared for any and all jelly.

Logo organisation neck sweatshirt 

For those who might feel a bit medium about their swell — or intend to work out by a winter (people do that?) — this breathable organisation neck is a ideal approach to covering your examination gear.

High-rise leggings

They’re tighter than your normal pair, all a improved to keep all in a correct place during hip bound barre or whatever a featured Class Pass activity is this month.

Fenty Puma by Rihanna 

Overview: An amalgam of inspiration, RiRi’s line takes cues from Japanese travel enlightenment as good as medieval fashion. The monochromatic collection also plays with normal masculine and womanlike silhouettes, a and for fashionisto/as who don’t let limiting gender norms diminish their style.

Best matched for: Card-carrying Navy members who know that no cost is too good for Rihanna. And could-be models who wish to look active while posing by a pool or flexing their Instagram skills in the locker room.

Staple pieces: While a full collection will not be accessible until Sep 2016, here are a dual must-have boots from a line.

Fenty Puma slides

Because if we can’t flex in your feathery slides, where can we flex?

The Trainer by Fenty

Let’s be real: No one is operative out in these pleasing shoes. These are meant to loved, loving and preserved… on a ‘gram, that is.

Fabletics by Kate Hudson

Overview: Love or hatred their aggressive business indication (becoming a member means being charged each month unless we remember to skip), a splendid colors and lovable prints yield a small additional proclivity to make it to spin. And to Chopt for a post-workout salad to be consumed outward where your vanquish or boyfriend’s friends might or might not travel by and see how accidentally in figure we are.

Best matched for: Yogis who trust their chi is usually as clever as their outfit.

Staple pieces:

Salar, Clover and Zipper leggings

Loud prints are a prominence for those who don’t caring if people glance during Vinyasa. And they’re sincerely thick, so no need to worry about Lululemon-style see-through issues.

Aviana and Neema tops (also graphic above)

Because because buy a lovable sports bra if we can’t uncover it off a little?


Not accurately H2O aerobics-friendly, but a good approach to flaunt that hard-won shape.

Calia by Carrie Underwood

Overview: Underwood’s wicking fabrics, floral patterns and thoughtfully-placed pockets aren’t a edgiest, though that’s not what you’d wish from a Southern belle. Instead, they’re classic, delicate garments prepared to be worn with coffee, hours before enchanting in any arrange of exercise. Calia is a good choice for curvy exercisers (it has extended sizes), though doesn’t always fit a small-chested.

Best matched for: The girl-next-door form we see jogging around your neighborhood. She’s substantially wearing a braid.

Staple pieces:

Printed parsimonious fit capris

With a zipper for keys, a thick waistband and copiousness of compression, these snug leggings aren’t going anywhere while a wearer runs for miles. As for a print? There’s something about a large floral pattern that creates quads and calves demeanour some-more toned — we’ll let we confirm if that’s something you’re going for.

Wrap neck sweater

So soft! For wearing after a examination when we kind of want to wear a blanket, though also wish to demeanour cute.

High-neck swimsuit

Calia now sells swimsuits, including a few with this mesh, high-neck design. Flattering and functional: It has built-in cups.

Jules by Julianne Hough for MPG

Overview: This is a ultimate “cool girl” line of athletic wear. There are oversized cardigans as good as plunder shorts, baggy capris and stylish bra tops. Hough mixes a voluptuous and a hoyden in her ready-to-wear-to-the-dance-studio line that came out this year.

Best matched for: Workout enthusiasts who are unapproachable to uncover off toned glutes and abs during dance category or a fighting gym. (Basically, Julianne Hough.)

Keyhole bra (pictured above)

Feeling assured about your prohibited bod? Here’s one approach to uncover it.

Hot shorts

Sometimes, wardrobe can get in a approach of your prohibited yoga category or Dancing With a Stars rehearsal. Moisture-wicking plunder shorts have adequate coverage for an carnal contestant who needs full operation of motion.

Hooded tank

Studios should yield this thin, breathable tip when we pointer adult for a hip-hop class.

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