Windsor Star adult for approval during Ontario Newspaper Awards

The 62nd annual Ontario Newspaper Awards celebration happens this weekend — and Windsor Star staff members will be there opposed for recognition.

Windsor’s daily journal warranted 11 nominations in this year’s ONA ceremony, that takes place Saturday during a Sheraton Hamilton Hotel.

Veteran staff photographer Dan Janisse is a nominee in 3 categories: online photography, online video production, and mark news photography for newspapers with dissemination larger than 25,000.

Fellow shooter Jason Kryk — who was a ONA photojournalist of a year in 2014 — is a hopeful in a difficulty of sports photography for newspapers with dissemination larger than 25,000.

One of a Windsor Star's many Ontario Newspaper Awards.

One of a Windsor Star’s many Ontario Newspaper Awards.

Star web desk expert Dylan Kristy is a hopeful in a difficulty of online video production.

Reporter Trevor Wilhelm is a nominee in a difficulty of online multimedia special projects for his in-depth array on Windsor tattoo culture.

Opinion author Anne Jarvis has dual nominations — one in a difficulty of mainstay writing, a other in a difficulty of editorial, opinion, and analysis.

Reporter Mary Caton is a hopeful in a difficulty of sports writing, and contributor Julie Kotsis is a hopeful in a difficulty of metropolitan affairs.

The Star also has a assignment in a difficulty of pattern and graphics — the work of Postmedia members Pat Weberman and William Tait.

Launched in 1953, a Ontario Newspaper Awards annually applaud value in broadcasting among newspapers outward of Toronto. Each year’s celebration brings together journalists, photographers, handling editors, and publishers from opposite a province.

Last year, Windsor Star won ONAs in 5 categories, including best feature photography, best online multimedia special project, best online video production, best online photography, and best mainstay writing.

Editor-in-chief Marty Beneteau remarkable that a Star once again has multiple nominations in online categories and opinion writing.

“We do unequivocally good in some of a rising areas in broadcasting — digital, video, visual,” Beneteau said. “It’s a same with opinion, with Anne Jarvis’s (repeat) nomination.”

“This is another pointer from a peers that we are excelling in these sold areas of journalism. We have a far-reaching operation of accolades that unequivocally put us in good stead in a business of news.”

Dan Janisse's acquiescence in a 2016 ONA difficulty of online photography.

Dan Janisse’s acquiescence in a ONA difficulty of online photography. Dan Janisse / Windsor Star

Dan Janisse's acquiescence for a 2016 ONA difficulty of mark news photography.

Dan Janisse’s acquiescence in the ONA difficulty of mark news photography. Dan Janisse / Windsor Star

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