WWE luminary John Cena, stubborn contestants uncover their loyal 'American Grit'

Series premiere tonight during 9 on WFXT (Ch. 25).

Fox’s “American Grit” is MTV’s “The Challenge” with a swash some-more patriotism.

WWE superstar, West Newbury local and vital movement figure John Cena hosts this foe that seems to incorporate any horrible training practice from a several branches of a military.

In an component borrowed from a Navy SEALs, contestants aren’t voted out — they’re separated when they give up, and they are forced to “ring out.”

“All we ask is all we got,” Cena says.

Among a 16 contestants pulling themselves to their boundary for a shot during a $1 million esteem are Billerica troops officer Jim Vaglica and Salem, N.H., pro wrestler Cameron Zagami. Vaglica gets a lot of courtesy simply for being, during 53, a oldest one there.

There’s also a yogi, an ex-NFL actor and even an barrier march racer, that we didn’t know is a thing, who considers herself “Beast Mode Barbie.”

Alas, like “The Challenge,” producers apparently expel during slightest a integrate contestants for their ability to stir adult trouble.

When she isn’t murdering a English language, Maria Kang, author of “The No More Excuses Diet,” likes to hang a knives in a backs of her rivals.

Chris Krueger is a luminary aptness trainer. “I am not calm to be normal. Normal people are diseased and stupid,” he says. As we competence guess, Chris and Maria consider a others aren’t estimable of pity oxygen with them.

The premiere plays adult a 4 admittedly considerable mentors — Army Sergeant and ex-“Dancing With a Stars” competitor Noah Galloway, Navy SEAL Commander Rorke Denver, Marine Gunnery Sergeant Tawanda “Tee” Hanible and Army Ranger Nick “The Reaper” Irving.

The contestants are divided into teams of four, any mentored by a opposite troops veteran. The players face punishing barrier courses and divergent continuation challenges. The winning group earns immunity. The other 3 teams contingency send a actor into “the circus,” which, as Cena warns, is so not about fun and splendid lights.

The premiere ends in a gratifying manner, so most so, it only screams rigged, though of course, Fox wouldn’t do that, would it? Blame overzealous editing. TV probity has never seemed so sweet.

The Apr 21 part ends in a overwhelming medical evacuation, one that prompts indebtedness from during slightest one other contestant.

“We are here to give all we have. If we have to go out, we wanna go out like that. we wanna fall in a store since we got zero left. It’s ‘American Grit.’ Let’s do it right,” he says.

Cena seems to be during a indicate when he’s eyeing a post-WWE career. This is a good gig while he waits to be expel in a subsequent “Fast a Furious” installment. He’s intelligent and he’s humorous when he goes off-script. He gives “American Grit” a shot during glory.

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